Long-term parking Arlanda

Are you looking for long-term parking Arlanda?

Price SEK 30 / day

Regardless of whether you stand for one day or 35 days, you only pay SEK 30 / day on A Park’s long-term parking. A long-term parking Arlanda with gravel floor and plenty of space. The parking lot is fenced but without staffing and continuous monitoring. However, it is cheap!

Pay your parking with Swish to number 1236927552 . Enter your registration number and then the number of started days you want to park. But if you then disappear for a longer period of time, you can easily replenish the number of days by Swisha again.

Get to and from Arlanda yourself. There are buses frequently after about 5 minutes walk from our parking lot, then about 10 minutes bus ride to Arlanda. You can also call and book a taxi with one of the many taxi companies that frequent Arlanda.

Welcome to A Park – Long-term parking Arlanda

En billig långtidsparkering Arlanda betala med Swish

Pay for your parking with Swish to 1236927552

billig långtidsparkering arlanda kalender

Enter your registration number and number of days you want to park

billig långtidsparkering arlanda parkera

Park yourself and take yourself to Arlanda

billig långtidsparkering arlanda bevakning

The car park is unmanned but is visited daily for inspection

Bus 579

Bus 579 leaves from Måbyleden, about 5 minutes walk from the car park.

Find here

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Address: Måby 123, Märsta

GPS coordinates

59.634394, 17.897134

that’s how it goes

The parking lot is unmanned. You park yourself and take yourself to Arlanda.

Pay with Swish to number 1236927552 . Enter the car’s registration number and the number of days started you want to park.

NOTE The commenced day is calculated according to the calendar day from 00.00, regardless of when you arrive or when you leave.

Other vehicles

Larger vehicles, motorhomes and large vans add 50% to the price.

Car with caravan or trailer will be added 100% to the price.

Truck and bus for more than 9 people will be added 200% of the price.

For other crews, boats, containers etc – contact us for a quote.

Park like this

långtids parkering arlanda billig

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You can reach us at info@apark.se

and 08-502 350 22