Renting a fixed parking space at Arlanda

Parking your car at Arlanda Airport for a trip can present a number of challenges, especially when it comes to long-term parking. Apark is a company that offers long-term parking at Arlanda, where you can park very cheaply.

Rent fixed parking space Arlanda at Apark for 700kr/month.

With us at Apark you can rent a fixed parking space Arlanda for your car at a fixed price of only 700 SEK per month. That’s 23kr a day! Contract duration at least 3 months.

hyra fast parkeringsplats Arlanda

Interested in renting a fixed parking space at Arlanda?

Fill in your contact details and registration number and from which date you want to receive a monthly invoice of SEK 700 per month for a fixed parking space with us at Apark. We’ll get back to you with an invoice, and then you can park.

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Convenient and accessible parking

One of the most appreciated benefits of using Apark for long-term parking is convenience. By renting a fixed parking space at Arlanda, you avoid the stress of having to look for a free parking space when you arrive at the airport.

Bus to Arlanda around the clock

Right at the entrance to Apark is the bus station for the SL bus coming from Märsta. It serves all of Arlanda’s terminals and runs 24 hours a day, all year round. Getting to Arlanda by bus is quick and easy, both there and back. Moreover, it is a cheap option. You buy a regular SL ticket on the bus and pay by credit card. The timetable can be found here: SL timetable Måby

Safe and secure long-term parking

Apark prioritizes the safety and security of its customers. The parking area is fenced, has 24-hour CCTV surveillance and regular security checks. This way, customers can feel confident that their cars are safely stored throughout their journey.

Cheap rental fixed parking space Arlanda

Renting a fixed parking space at Arlanda for long-term parking at Apark is very economical. For only SEK 700 per month, you can rent a fixed parking space at Arlanda close to Arlanda Airport. Ideal for those who travel a lot or commute weekly by air.


Apark offers flexibility to its customers by allowing pre-booking of parking spaces and quick check-in and check-out. This means customers can plan their travel and parking easily and smoothly, without having to worry about running out of parking spaces. In addition, Apark is open 24 hours a day, which means you can pick up your car at any time of the day when you return from your trip.

Always available for questions and concerns

Apark attaches great importance to providing a high level of accessibility for our customers. Staff are available most of the time to assist customers when needed. If any problems, questions or concerns arise during your parking time, you can easily contact Apark for help either by phone, email or the chat function on our website Chat is usually the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with us.

Quick and easy

Renting a fixed parking space at Arlanda with Apark for long-term parking also means a significant time saving. As the parking space is reserved in advance, there is no need to waste time looking for a free parking space and paying on arrival. In addition, the buses at Apark are fast and smooth, which means you can get to and from the terminal quickly without unnecessary waiting times.

Easier trip planning with fixed parking space

Knowing that you have a safe and secure place to park during your trip means you can focus more on planning your trip, rather than worrying about the logistics of parking. With Apark, you can rest assured that everything is organized and prepared, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your trip.

Monthly parking for only 23 SEK a day!

Apark offers a range of benefits for customers who want to rent fixed parking spaces at Arlanda near the airport. With the convenience of having a fixed location, the safety and security offered, the economical price, flexibility, customer support, time savings and planning benefits, Apark is a great choice for travelers looking for a smooth and safe parking experience. With us at Apark, you can rent a fixed space for your car for only €700 per month. That’s 23kr a day!

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